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Poly Tarpaulins are prepared available of Great Dullness Polythene Fabric and soft dullness Coating on together sideways. Poly Tarpaulin is Temperature closed. So without spearing. Eyeholes are display for at expanse of every 1.5 mtrs. All round & corner. Poly Tarpaulin is produced by latest. Technology & available in changed colours & special sizes suit your several necessities. A Tarpaulin manufactured to stringent value, Tarpaulin is known for reliability and strength. Tarpaulin is born hard-hitting, with integrated strong point to withstand made-up procedure. Existing in various colour and sizes. Shiltrap Tarpaulin is objective wide-ranging for any application.

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PE Tarpaulins which is prepared of high quality polythylene.Our collection is offered in many size and multi designs as per requirements of Works, Storerooms, Cold storages and T0rcks. We suggestion our plastic and fabric cover sheets at a sensibly valued.

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